Ultrasound devices

Ultrasonic defence allows you to beat the marten at its own game. It too uses this sound range, which is inaudible to humans, to ward off fellow species with warning calls. All you have to do is speak the right language

Pulsating tones with no habituation effect
Humans and animals alike eventually get used to a constant soundproof rug – and the same applies to the marten in the ultrasonic range. Therefore, our defence devices operate not only at an unpleasantly high volume, but also use particularly aggressive and pulsating tones. As with a siren, the intensity increases and decreases, so that the dreaded habituation effect cannot occur. After all, even in the wild, the marten has been relying on its very similar warning calls for countless generations.

K&K Waterproofing – deep-acting marten defence
The best marten defence starts at the very bottom. This is because the marten’s typical ‘entrance gates’ lie in the depths of the engine compartment. There are hardly any barriers here either to hinder the large-scale spread of ultrasonic waves. For our fully encapsulated models, which even exceed the demanding standards of the international protection class IP 65, this environment, affected by dirt and splashing water, poses no problems at all. Even high-pressure engine washing is no problem. Here, near the underbody, an ultrasound barrier is created, which deters the marten even before it enters the engine compartment. The defence radius of the waterproof devices is thus significantly larger.”

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Waterproof 2.0 Waterproof 2.0Fully sealed, waterproof electronics in accordance with the IP 65 standard and a fully enclosed speaker dome allow the device to be installed low down, including in areas where there may be splashing water. Even washing the engine is not a problem.
shortened installation time due to automatic activation automatic activationThe innovative automatic voltage circuit automatically starts the device as soon as the engine is switched off. The complicated connection to vehicle terminal 15 is now no longer necessary.
180° Wellen 180° wavesUltrasound waves spread forward light, i.e. the sound is barely perceptible behind obstacles or from the sides. The special way in which the loudspeaker is designed and placed means that the aggressive ultrasonic sine tones are emitted in a beam angle of 180 degrees.

Rundum-Ultraschallabstrahlung All-around ultrasonic radiationThe dome speaker emits sound waves over 360° and in all directions. This prevents acoustic shadows from forming and provides all-round protection against martens!
Multi-Kontakt-Hochspannungsbürsten Multi-contact high-voltage brushesMulti-contact brushes run through the insulating fur and (along with the paws and snout) the active surface is increased by the skin itself, making it many times bigger. They can also be installed in any environment.
Autarkes Batteriegerät Autonomous battery deviceBecause they are battery-operated, the ultrasound devices can be used universally and independently.

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