Marten defense in the garden and yard

If the marten is in the garden, it often leaves unpleasant legacies. It is also important to keep the predator away from the cars parked in the yard.

As a comprehensive defense method in your outdoor area, we recommend the use of ultrasound. Martens avoid sinus ultrasound tones that are inaudible to humans and imitate the warning screams of a competitor. The pulsating tones prevent the animals from getting used to the noise.

When installing the ultrasound devices, however, it is important to ensure that the desired sound coverage area is as free of obstacles as possible. Ultrasonic tones spread in a straight line like light. So-called acoustic shadows are created behind obstacles in which the ultrasonic sound cannot be heard.

In the case of devices that are not waterproof, care should be taken during installation that the device cannot be reached by splash water (rainwater). For example, a roof overhang on the garden shed or a generously roofed bird nest box is ideal.

If the location of the device is difficult to protect from rain, we recommend a waterproof device such as the M8700.

To the suitable ultrasonic devices!

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