marten defense in the garage and carport

If you find leftovers such as excrement or urine traces as well as loot in the garage or carport, the marten is dangerously close to where damage can be really expensive: on the car.

At carports, the marten has easy access and free access to the vehicles. But even in the garage, open windows or even “nibbled” openings and passages through the roof insulation can serve as entry points through which the slim animal can slip.

If you want to protect all vehicles in the garage or carport, a self-sufficient ultrasonic device is recommended, which is placed where it can develop the widest radiation radius without being disturbed by obstacles. The higher the ceiling to which the device can be attached, the wider the beam angle that covers the floor. This protects the marten’s entry area into the car.

If the location of the device is difficult to protect from rain, it should be ensured that the device, e.g. the M8700, is waterproof.

With the help of ultrasound, you beat the marten with its own weapons. The sinus ultrasound waves, which are inaudible to humans, imitate the warning screams of conspecifics, which prevent the marten from remaining in this area.

Click here for the suitable ultrasound devices!

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