Causes & defence methods

How do ultrasound and high-voltage solutions work in protecting against martens? When and
how should each defence method be used? Here you will find the most important information about the causes of marten attacks
and how to combat them.

Why do martens bite?

It is not, as often suspected, the heat of a parked vehicle that attracts this nocturnal animal. The engine compartment is simply a great place to hide and the marten explores its environment through biting. Neither cables, pipes nor seals are safe from the marten.

It also leaves scents on its visits. If a rival senses these territorial markings, it will approach the engine compartment in a particularly aggressive manner. Cars that are parked in different places at night are therefore more prone to becoming ‘victims’ of turf wars.


Martens make short, loud warning calls. These calls are similar to sine tones and our marten-scarers imitate them in a very lifelike way. The aggressive tones of the K&K devices are pulsating (to avoid habituation effect) and are delivered at a very high volume (sound pressure).

What are the benefits of high-voltage brushes?

The all-new contact brushes combine both positive and negative poles in a single component. The shock is reliably transmitted no matter which part of the marten’s body comes into contact with the high voltage brushes. Even the animal’s dense fur is no longer an obstacle. This technology differs significantly from other systems that can only reliably transmit power when in contact with the snout or paws. Moreover, these systems often require the marten to touch conductive metal parts in the engine compartment. The 2-pole K&K brush strands, on the other hand, allow installation purely from a strategic point of view, regardless of the surroundings.

Which device is
the right one?

Ultimately, when deciding whether to use an ultrasound or combi device, you have to ask yourself the following question: How great is the risk to the vehicle? The K&K Sine Ultrasound system is a very efficient repellent, but if the car is regularly parked in different regions affected by martens and/or has already been visited several times by martens, then the high-voltage option is preferable. Our product finder is here to help you choose the right product.Click here for advice

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