All-around protection thanks to comprehensive safety features

With marten-repellent devices from K&K, safety is paramount. This applies to the user as well as the vehicle – and even to the marten. Our high-voltage combi devices are extremely effective but do not endanger humans or animals. The user is protected at all times by safety features such as our special bonnet safety switch, which immediately discharges the voltage when the bonnet is opened, thus preventing electric shock. The pulsating ultrasound on our devices is imperceptible to humans and is therefore neither disruptive nor hazardous to health.
The plastic used in K&K products is self-extinguishing and acid-proof , ensuring K&K marten defence systems operate perfectly and safely in all conditions. This is also confirmed by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, which has awarded us the e1 mark, signifying that our devices comply with European Union technical standards.

Quality and safety in production

When it comes to looking after what really matters, such as animal welfare and user safety, there is no room for compromise. So we are uncompromising when it comes to product quality and final inspection. Samples are not reliable enough for us, so we check every single marten-repellent device produced for full functionality as well as current consumption, power frequency, high voltage and electromagnetic compatibility.

However, our goal is not to find as many faults as possible. Rather, it is to stop them occurring in the first place. The manufacturing process combines the advantages of automatic and manual production in such a way that each method can make full use of its respective strengths. This is ensured, among other things, by certification in accordance with the latest ISO standards and regular staff training.

Thanks to state-of-the-art SMD technology, our circuit boards are particularly well suited to fully automated placement machines – as shown by our an extremely low error rate. The housing must then be installed by flexible, dexterous and skilled human handiwork. The electronics of all of our models are then made absolutely waterproof using state-of-the-art machines. Armed with this protection, the products can be installed in almost any position within the engine compartment, allowing you to choose the most strategically favourable position.
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