K&K Conflict Minerals Statement

K&K Handelsgesellschaft mbH is committed to the principles of transparent, responsible business management geared towards sustainable value creation and expects the same from its supply chain partners.

The US Dodd-Frank Act has been legally binding since 2010. It primarily serves to reform the US financial market law, but also includes disclosure and reporting obligations for US listed companies. The aim is to determine if conflict minerals (gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin; 3TG) from the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighbouring states are contained in products and if they are necessary for function or production.

In January 2021, EU Regulation 2017/821 on Conflict Minerals will also come into force; its scope covers the same minerals as the Dodd-Frank Act. However, unlike the Dodd-Frank Act, conflict minerals from conflict and high-risk areas need to be identified. The disclosure obligations affect companies that import corresponding 3TG raw materials into the EU territory.

K&K Handelsgesellschaft mbH is not subject to any legal obligation to comply with the requirements of “Section 1502” of the Dodd-Frank Act and is also not directly affected by EU Regulation 2017/821 as it does not import any raw materials into the EU. Regardless of this, we are aware of our social responsibility and expressly recognise the underlying goal – i.e. avoiding the financing of militant groups that violate human rights – and are actively involved in achieving the goal. 

K&K Handelsgesellschaft mbH is committed to ensuring that its products do not contain conflict minerals originating from mines within conflict and high-risk areas or neighbouring countries. We expect our suppliers to have a conflict minerals strategy and to take special care in its implementation.

Should we discover evidence of the presence of conflict minerals in supplier parts during our investigations, we are committed to responding in an appropriate manner.

At the present time, we have not found any indications of conflict minerals in our supply chain.


Oftersheim, 01.04.2022


Here you can find the PDF.

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