How do marten- repellent products work? What are the benefits of K&K products?
The answers to this and other questions can be found in the following sections

Why waterproof?

The “awakened” marten defense.

According to the motto: “Protection, only when protection is needed!”, the new K&K technology enables efficient protection, but also extremely low energy consumption. The integrated sleep mode of the activation sensors only uses the AA batteries when they come into contact with the marten and “slumbers” the rest of the time. If the marten brushes the multi contact high-voltage brushes, the high voltage is triggered in a fraction of a second. With conventional self-sufficient defense mechanisms, the runtime of the integrated batteries is limited by the constant readiness. Due to the K&K sleep mode, the battery life is now virtually unlimited and only corresponds to the “natural” storage time of the battery.


Why waterproof?
Why waterproof?

Reasons for water resistance

The main advantage is that it allows for more effective defence It also allows the device to be installed low down in the vehicle, in areas that may become very wet. And another thing; ultrasound spreads like light. This means it is barely noticeable behind barriers and acoustic shadows are created.

A low-mounted sound source can radiate sound without any obstructions, creating a soundproof rug. The marten is “caught” even before it enters the engine compartment, expanding the defence radius many times over.

Waterproof marten-repellent devices are also more robust, and can therefore withstand engine washing too.

But be careful! Not all the devices on the market that are described as waterproof are actually suitable for low installation. It is worth taking a look at the installation instructions to compare products. Please see also: ‘Waterproofing at K&K.’

Why waterproof?
Why waterproof?

Automatic activation

The marten-repellent device does not have to start operating until the car is being parked. To make sure it starts up when needed, we have developed automatic activation, while at the same time avoiding the need for a connection to vehicle terminal 15 (ignition). This saves a great deal of installation time.

The automatic activation allows the marten- repellent device to recognise which ‘state’ the vehicle is in based on the battery current. When the engine starts, the device switches off, so it only works when the engine is switched off.

Why waterproof?
Why waterproof?

Battery monitor

The built-in battery monitor shuts down the marten defence system when it reaches a certain specified operating voltage and turns it on again when the on-board voltage returns to normal. This protects weak batteries against discharge.


Why waterproof?
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