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  • The lower the installation, the more effective the defence. Check the installation instructions. Not every ‘waterproof’ system can actually be installed low down in the vehicle.
  • ‘Real’ ultrasound is not audible and should be delivered at a sound pressure of over 100dB.
  • Even at high voltage, power consumption should not exceed 10 mA. An integrated battery monitor offers additional protection.
  • A bonnet safety switch allows worry-free use of high voltage equipment. Active shutdown is no longer required when opening the bonnet.
  • Allows automatic activation of the bipolar connection (without vehicle terminal 15) thus simplifying and speeding up the installation.

K&K Marten protection

Marten damage is a relatively young phenomenon in the public perception, because it was not until 1978 that the first case of a car in Switzerland was clearly assigned to the small predator. Since then it has spread rapidly and is now at home practically all over Germany. As a result, marten damage has been increasing since then and so the need for options for marten protection increases, be it for the vehicle, the house, the garage or the garden. From this situation, K&K Marten Defense has been specializing in the development of ultrasound devices and injury-free high-voltage defense since the late 1980s and offers the right marten deterrent for every area of application.


27. September 2022

Automechanika 2022

Numerous interesting discussions and an exciting 5-day trade fair lie behind us.  to News

August 2022

K&K Marderabwehr now also in Switzerland!

Finally, we can use the trade fairs again, exchange ideas and develop further. to News

March 2022

APP APP Hooray!

Double protects better.

New helpful gadget from the marten defense specialist is the new K&K Reminder app

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