Areas of application

The marten is omnivorous, which is why nowadays villages and towns offer everything it needs to live. The civilized areas allow him sufficient access to food and also sufficient shelter and hiding places. It is therefore not surprising that the marten feels just as comfortable – if not safer – in our cars and houses as in the wild.

But how do you protect yourself from the four-legged intruder when your home or car is in the area of ​​a destructive marten?

K&K offers a variety of solutions to ward off and protect against marten attacks, whether for your vehicle, for your attic in the house, for your garage or carport or for your garden and courtyard property. Simply click on the desired application area to get more information about the product possibilities.

The general rule is: scent remover – before using defensive measures

For the pretreatment and effective neutralization of area markings, the scent remover is essential before the use of effective marten defense measures.


Regardless of whether it is an electric vehicle, hybrid, mobile home or combustion engine – K&K has the right defense solution for every generation of engines and every drive. Here you will find an overview of your options for perfect marten protection in your engine compartment.

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House and attic

If you hear soft crawling noises in the attic in the dark, a marten is usually at work. Find out how you can protect yourself from the uninvited roommate and how you can spoil life in your house for him.

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Garage and carport

If the marten has left traces in the garage or carport, it is dangerously close to its actual “playground”: the car. There are effective ways to avoid expensive bite damage to the parked vehicle.

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Garden and courtyard

In order to protect the garden and yard from unwanted property visitors, comprehensive methods are required. Read more about your options.

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