marten defense in the car

Regardless of whether it is an electric vehicle, hybrid, mobile home or combustion engine – K&K has the right defense solution for every generation of engines and drives. In addition to the fragrance defense solutions such as marten spray and sticks, which can of course be used regardless of any type of drive, you will find a small overview of your options for perfect marten protection in your engine compartment.

The general rule:

Ultrasound – for the stubborn marten

Martens avoid sinus ultrasound waves that are inaudible to humans and imitate the warning screams of a competitor. The pulsating tones prevent the animals from getting used to the noise.

High voltage – for those who don’t want to hear

Older martens (with poor hearing) or aggressive animals are often more stubborn, so a tougher approach is necessary. Above all, if damage to the car has already been determined, defense with high voltage is recommended. With devices with high voltage, small electric shocks are distributed like the electric fence principle if the marten comes into contact with the plates. The animal is not injured or even killed!

If you are unsure about the right defense method, simply use our product search.

Internal combustion engine

K&K Marten Defense offers a wide range of high-voltage and ultrasonic defense options for your car. For internal combustion engines, connection devices can be used, which are connected directly to the car battery, as well as self-sufficient defense devices, which function with their own battery supply. You can only choose the right protection based on the severity of your marten problem. (Click here for the product search).

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Electric car and hybrid

Completely unaffected by the rapid technical developments in the automotive market, the marten does not stop at the most expensive technologies and continues to wage its destructive turf wars. Electric & hybrid vehicles offer the little predator just as much “bite” potential under the hood as combustion engines – and that from almost all manufacturers.

Devices that function independently of the on-board network are ideally suited for this type of vehicle. The self-sufficient high-voltage and ultrasonic devices work with standard AA batteries. The low-battery display indicates an imminent change in good time. Ultrasonic devices without automatic switch-off can also be used for this type of vehicle without further ado.

Here, too, the selection of the suitable defense method must be determined on the basis of the individual marten problem.

Special solutions such as the M9900 represent a particularly resource-saving defense method. The energy-saving sleep mode of the device only uses the AA batteries when the animal comes into contact with one of the contact brushes. Thus, the functionality of the battery corresponds to its natural shelf life.

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Frequent changes of location or permanent parking in more rural areas increase the risk of getting within the territory of a marten who is bothered by the scent traces brought by the “home marten”. Therefore, your own travel vehicle should be protected from animal intruders all the more in order to avoid damage to the expensive technology.

When using marten defense measures in the motorhome, the following must be observed: High-voltage connection devices have an automatic switch-off, which reacts as soon as the engine is started. The device recognizes this from the changed 12 V voltage state of the battery. This state of charge, which leads to the switch-off, is also reached when the motorhome is connected to an external power source. In order to be protected during the use of shore power and / or solar modules, it is therefore necessary to use self-sufficient marten defense systems with their own battery supply.

However, if mobile homes have a 12 V power supply that is independent of external sources, a high-voltage connection device can still be used.

Here you will find a selection of suitable products:

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