High-voltage devices

Electric fences have been tried and tested in the care of valuable farm animals. The same effect can be used to deter biting martens. With our combi devices, the effect of ultrasound defence becomes even more powerful. They are sufficiently effective to make martens retreat voluntarily even when they are fully enraged by the scents of a rival marten.

An unpleasant tingling to teach them a lesson
Even a small electric shock can be extremely unpleasant. Even if it will not cause any harm, it is generally sufficient to make one avoid it in the future. The same learned behaviour can be found in martens, who are ‘zapped’ when they enter the engine compartment. If a marten manages to overcome the already very secure ultrasound barrier, our combi devices offer a second line of defence. Martens generally only penetrate that far if they scent rivals and aggressively defend their territory – or if they are older animals with impaired hearing. But if they do manage to get through, they will be met by six contact surfaces spread all over the engine compartment. These give the animal a harmless but unpleasant electric shock.

Innovation that gets under the skin
Since the marten’s snout and underside of the paws are exposed, the electric fence method generally works very well, despite the animal’s insulating fur. Thanks to an innovation by K&K, however, the success rate is now increasing to near perfection. The multi-contact high-voltage brushes run through the fur like a comb and ensure that the current penetrates the skin at any point from head to toe: Thanks to integrated positive and negative poles, the circuit closes immediately on contact and the marten receives an electric shock. Another advantage is that it can be installed purely from a strategic point of view regardless of the surroundings, as no conductive metal parts need to be touched in the engine compartment.

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Waterproof 2.0Waterproof 2.0Fully sealed, waterproof electronics in accordance with the IP 65 standard and a fully enclosed speaker dome allow the device to be installed low down, including in areas where there may be splashing water. Even washing the engine is not a problem.
shortened installation time due to automatic activationautomatic activationThe innovative automatic voltage circuit automatically starts the device as soon as the engine is switched off. The complicated connection to vehicle terminal 15 is now no longer necessary.
180° Wellen180° wavesUltrasound waves spread forward light, i.e. the sound is barely perceptible behind obstacles or from the sides. The special way in which the loudspeaker is designed and placed means that the aggressive ultrasonic sine tones are emitted in a beam angle of 180 degrees.

Rundum-UltraschallabstrahlungAll-around ultrasonic radiationThe dome speaker emits sound waves over 360° and in all directions. This prevents acoustic shadows from forming and provides all-round protection against martens!
Multi-Kontakt-HochspannungsbürstenMulti-contact high-voltage brushesMulti-contact brushes run through the insulating fur and (along with the paws and snout) the active surface is increased by the skin itself, making it many times bigger. They can also be installed in any environment.
Autarkes BatteriegerätAutonomous battery deviceBecause they are battery-operated, the ultrasound devices can be used universally and independently.

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