marten defense in the house and attic

Martens are shy and nocturnal animals. Crawling noises in the attic, especially in the late evening or early morning hours, can be an indication that the marten is already in the house. Traces of urine and feces as well as leftover prey (such as carrion, eggs or fruit) from the last hunt are clear indications of the new roommate. The animals prefer to settle on the upper, poorly lit floors, whereby they often leave scratch marks on the gutter.

As a rule, house or vehicle owners only see the later damage and in the rarest cases the predator itself. Usually the animal digs and gnaws its way into tunnels and entrances in the roof and insulation layers at night and thus gets into the house. Any hole with a diameter of 10 centimeters can be used as an entry. Regular inspection of the attic is therefore advisable in order to react to the first signs in good time. The more “homely” the uninvited predator has made itself, the more difficult it is to convince the animal of the opposite.

The marten is not a permanent guest, which is why he cannot be found in the same location every night. He usually built several hiding places in his territory. So that the animal does not return, you have to ruin the marten’s place of retreat. For this purpose, K&K Marderabwehr offers mobile ultrasound devices that can be installed in the attic.

Ultrasound spreads like light so that it can no longer be heard behind obstacles. When attaching it, care must be taken that the ultrasound can radiate freely and that the device is not hidden between boxes and other objects. Make sure that the potential entrances are irradiated so that the marten does not even return to its loopholes. The animal has to remember the place as uncomfortable so that it does not tear open the openings again after the tunnel has been cleared. The closing of the entrances should then be left to a professional exterminator.

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