The BASIC marten repellent device
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M1500 The BASIC marten repellent device
The loud pulsating ultrasonic tones of the M1500 protect your belongings from the nocturnal attacks of the furry predator using 160° emissions. If positioned correctly (preferably where the sound waves have ‘free rein’ and are not blocked by barriers or hidden by angles), the round ultrasound device is a dependable protector for your car.

Product features

  • Pulsating sine ultrasound Our marten-scarers mimic the warning calls of the animals in a very loud and highly lifelike way. This serves to prevent the habituation effect.
  • CAN bus The electronics of modern vehicles communicate internally via a so-called CAN bus. Even in this environment, our devices can operate without any difficulty.
  • Hybrid-compatible Our devices can also be easily installed in hybrid vehicles.
  • E1 mark The E-1 sign confirms that the device has been tested by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).
  • Acid-proof, self-extinguishing plastic The device is resistant to acids (e.g. batteries or cleaning agents) and the plastic used meets automotive industry safety standards.

Technical data

Wave shape

Ultrasonic frequency in kHz

Sound pressure in dB


Operating voltage

average power consumption

Operating temperature range

Function display

CAN bus and hybrid compatible

Zulassung E1 des KBA

Acid-proof, self-extinguishing plastic




anschluss-m1500The marten-repellent device should be installed in the engine compartment in such a way that contamination from splashing water is prevented, but the marten’s entry area is filled with sound waves. There should be plenty of space left in front of the device for the sound to spread as far as possible throughout the engine compartment. If the engine compartment is very angular, it may be necessary to install several devices. Do not install directly on the exhaust manifold or directly next to the engine due to excessive heat! Please see the Installation PDF file for further installation instructions.

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