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Here you can find the warranty processing in your language:



Before you suspect a warranty claim, please go through the checklist below.

If the troubleshooting did not lead to the desired effect, proceed as follows:

The design of our products allows for a low-effort replacement of the control unit.

  • With our devices relying on sonic defence merely the plus/minus-connection as well as two zip ties are to be detached.
  • Even our high-voltage devices allow for an easy exchange of the control unit, since they rely on a compact plug.
    The removal of the entire unit is not necessary in most cases. In order to ensure quick handling for the customer one may take the control unit of a new device as an instant replacement and return the malfunctioning control unit.

Returned control units (in the case of high-voltage devices: malfunctioning control unit as well as the parts of the new
device) will be replaced due to accommodation – without examining the cause of the malfunction.

Address in case of return:
K&K Handelsgesellschaft
Gewerbepark Hardtwald 14
D- 68723 Oftersheim

Our technical hotline will be happy to answer any questions in German and English: + 49-6202 85 932 21
Please send inquiries in all other languages by email to our support at: support@martendefence.com


Troubleshooting checklist

Complete dismantling is rarely required – control unit can be exchanged!

If the device does not work, it could be for the following reasons:
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