Marderabwehrgerät M4700B mit Bürstengerät - Hochspannung und Ultraschall - auf weißem HintergrundMarderabwehrgerät M4700B mit Bürstengerät - Hochspannung und Ultraschall - auf weißem Hintergrund

Premium marten defence

Artikel-Nr.: M4700B-1
  • Waterproof 2.0
  • shortened installation time due to automatic activation
  • Multi-contact high-voltage brushes

Premium marten defence
A world first: Multi-contact high-voltage brushes! Most martens can be expelled reliably with pulsating ultrasonic tones. However, when dealing with particularly aggressive or older animals with impaired hearing, an even stronger defence is required. That’s why the M4700B combines a 360° ultrasound dome with the electric fence method, which has been perfected by the addition of high-voltage brushes.
The M4700B uses the proven principle of high-voltage marten defence as a deterrent, but the six flexibly positionable multi-contact high-voltage brushes can do more than ordinary devices. Usual high-voltage contact plates only work if they are touched by a paw or snout. Additionally, the marten must touch a conductive part of the car. With the M4700B, the marten only has to pass by, because the multi-contact high-voltage brushes penetrate through the thick insulating fur, so that the high-voltage current is conducted right to the skin of the animal. They also have both a plus and a minus pole, meaning the device works independently of the surroundings, as the circuit closes without the need to touch a conductive part of the vehicle. Even the smartest animal intruder must to fail here!
The result is an instructive but harmless shock. Four more multi-contact high-voltage brushes can be added to the system to ensure that the small predators cannot pass the ‘security network’, even in large engine compartments. Moreover, the device and all of its components are completely waterproof, which means that the M4700B can always be placed in the strategically most desirable position within the engine compartment.

Note for motor home owners:
This is a marten repellent device with automatic switch-off when the engine is started (changed voltage status 12 V battery). The state of charge that leads to shutdown is also reached when connected to external power sources. In order to be protected when using shore power and / or solar modules, it is necessary to use self-sufficient marten defense systems (e.g. M9700, automatic shutdown via vibration detection) with their own battery supply. However, if mobile homes have a 12 V power supply that is independent of external sources, a connection device can still be used.

Product features

  • High voltage (electric fence principle) “Those who cannot hear must feel!” Older martens (with impaired hearing) or very aggressive animals (territory battles) can sometimes only be driven off by electric shocks.
  • Pulsating sine ultrasound Our marten-scarers mimic the warning calls of the animals in a very loud and highly lifelike way. This serves to prevent the habituation effect.
  • Waterproof 2.0 Fully sealed, waterproof electronics in accordance with the IP 65 standard and (for devices with ultrasound) a fully enclosed speaker allow the device to be installed low down, including in areas where there may be splashing water. Even washing the engine is not a problem.
  • All-around ultrasonic radiation The dome speaker emits sound waves over 360° and in all directions. This prevents acoustic shadows from forming and provides all-round protection against martens!
  • Multi-contact high-voltage brushes Multi-contact brushes run through the insulating fur and (along with the paws and snout) the active surface is increased by the skin itself, making it many times bigger. They can also be installed in any environment.
  • shortened installation time due to automatic activation The innovative automatic voltage circuit automatically starts the device as soon as the engine is switched off. The complicated connection to vehicle terminal 15 is now no longer necessary.
  • Bonnet safety switch The newly developed bonnet switch (item no. 1001) immediately discharges the high voltage current on the contact plates as soon as the bonnet is opened. Active intervention/deactivation is no longer necessary. This means greater safety for vehicle owners/installers and is no problem for K&K devices, as their power consumption automatically reduces in the event of a short circuit.
  • Battery monitor In addition to low power consumption, the high-voltage devices have an integrated battery monitor that cuts in when the car battery voltage is too low and switches off the unit to protect against complete discharge.
  • Multi-pin plug Separating the control unit and cable harness using a multi-pin plug means the control unit can be replaced without the need for time-consuming complete removal. Multi-pin plugs for waterproof devices are similarly waterproof.
  • Soft-Start K&K devices start up slowly using an intelligent soft-start circuit, and operate at a very low level of power consumption. Even the latest, highly-sensitive on-board computers do not identify our devices as power consumers. In contrast to devices with a ‘hard’ startup system and current pulses up to 25 mA, K&K will not generate error messages, even with the latest generation of engines.
  • CAN bus The electronics of modern vehicles communicate internally via a so-called CAN bus. Even in this environment, our devices can operate without any difficulty.
  • Hybrid-compatible Our devices can also be easily installed in hybrid vehicles.
  • E1 mark The E-1 sign confirms that the device has been tested by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).
  • Acid-proof, self-extinguishing plastic The device is resistant to acids (e.g. batteries or cleaning agents) and the plastic used meets automotive industry safety standards.

Technical data

Wave shape

Ultrasonic frequency in kHz

Sound pressure in dB


High voltage

High-voltage contact plates

Multi-contact brushes



Bonnet safety switch

Battery monitor

Multi-pin plug



Operating voltage

average power consumption

Operating temperature range

Function display

CAN bus and hybrid compatible

Zulassung E1 des KBA

Acid-proof, self-extinguishing plastic




The base unit should be mounted in a place where it does not get too hot and where the ultrasonic tones are able to radiate freely. As the device is waterproof, it can be installed low down in the vehicle. The positive cable with the built-in fuse holder should be connected to ‘+12V’. The earth cable should be connected to the vehicle’s earthing point or ‘-12V’. The high-voltage cable should be laid within the engine compartment in such a way that the multi-contact high-voltage brushes can be mounted on bite-prone areas. The multi-contact high-voltage brushes are attached to the plastic holder with two screws. Tightening the screws ‘taps’ the high-voltage cable, and contact is made. The plastic holders on the high-voltage cable are adjustable and can be fixed anywhere. NB: Ultrasound is inaudible to humans. A flashing LED indicates the device is working. Please see the Installation PDF file for further installation instructions.

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