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Any ultrasonic tones in the range of 15-29 kHz are recorded with the ultrasound microphone installed on the front of the test device (next to the high-voltage contact pin) and indicated via the LED. For high-voltage marten-repellent devices, the presence of >150V voltage is indicated by the LED when the test pin touches a contact plate.

The application

Please insert a standard 9V battery into the device. Press the ‘Push’ button to switch on the device. The ‘Battery OK’ LED will light up. If this LED does not light up, the battery is either disconnected or low. If you hold the front (test pin) side of the device approx. 10-40 cm away from the speaker of the ultrasound device and press the ‘Push’ button, the ‘Ultrasonic’ LED will light up. This LED lights up when the when an ultrasonic tone is emitted. For marten-scarers with continuous tone or with increasing and decreasing tone in the 15-29 kHz range, this LED remains constantly lit. For marten-scarers with pulsating ultrasonic tone, the ‘Ultrasonic’ LED flashes continuously when the ultrasonic sound is pulsating. If you want to test the high-voltage contact plates of a marten-scarer in a car, you can use the contact pin on the testing device to touch the bare high-voltage contact plates in the car. Simultaneously press the ‘Push’ button with one hand while placing the other hand on an unpainted, earthed surface of the car. Touch the ‘Push’ button with your bare finger and touch an unpainted surface connected to the car’s earthing point with your bare hand (without wearing gloves) at the same time. If the contact plate is carrying high voltage, the ‘High Voltage’ LED will light up. Important! The unit only indicates high voltage when the contact plates are charged with a DC voltage in the 150-700 V range (this is standard for marten-scarers). It does not respond to contact plates that receive only very short high-voltage pulses. Please see the Installation PDF file for further installation instructions.

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